About Us

Mission & Purpose

D.A.C.G Polytechnic, dedicated to the achievement of excellence in the technical field since 1958, is built on Chikmagalur. Patronage The Polytechnic is being promoted by the munificent Dharma prakasha araluguppe chandregowda which is a pioneer educational society. Aims and Objectives

Bold History that Fuels the Future

The Polytechnic aims to produce Diploma holders with profound scholastic and in-depth technical and scientific knowledge along with extensive practical exposure, duly competent to render their technical services to the country in bridging the technological gap and compete qualitatively and professionally there of. Faculty

The Polytechnic has a committed team of highly qualified faculty members in requisite number to provide quality education. The Principal and the faculty members pay individual attention to the students and counsel them in their overall personality developement.Guest lectures and seminars and held by highly qualified personalities from reputed industries to enable field of interest and also to maintain good academic-industry relationship.